Summary Of Judge Declines To Dismiss Gray Case

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The article “Judge Declines to Dismiss Gray Case” is written by Joe Palazzolo. This article is about the Freddie Gray case. The Freddie Gray case started in April 2015. This article relates to law because it is a case about a lawyer trying to get their case dismissed by a judge. The article is about police brutality and the court case that is going to plead the six officers as being guilty or not guilty. This article relates to law because the officers could be held liability for the death. The victim involved in this particular case is Freddie Gray. He died while in police custody from several sustained injuries. The six police officers that were involved in the case are being charged with manslaughter and second-degree murder. The article …show more content…

Manslaughter is the crime of the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought. There are two different types of manslaughter: voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary manslaughter occurs when a death is an unintentional killing that is a result from an unlawful act such as a misdemeanor or low-level felony, or from negligence. This could be reckless driving or driving while under the influence. Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of a person while committing a felony. It is a crime that occurs during the “heat of passion”. This means that the person was provoked to kill another person, it was not the person’s intention to kill, but rather it was spontaneous. An example of this would be that a person came home and found their significant other in bed with someone else and then they kill that person. This is different from murder because it lacks any prior intention to kill a person or to create a serious deadly situation. Most of the time there is an intent to harm not an intent to kill. Second degree murder is the non-premeditated killing of a person, which resulted from an assault. The assault of the person was a possibility that death would occur. First degree murder is by far different that second degree murder. First degree murder is when a person has the intent to kill another person, it is premediated. It is a deliberate

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