Sandra Blands Suicide

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Over the past couple of years’ police brutality has played a great whole in the arrest of African Americans and Caucasian officers. Many people may have heard about the unfortunate findings that police have killed many unarmed individuals such as: Michael Brown Jr., Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile; additionally, there is one case where a young lady was found deceased three days after she was arrested. The difference between all of these cases is that this young lady, Sandra Bland, death was eventually ruled a suicide. Ultimately, there still remains questions to why Blands simple traffic violation ever turned into a confrontation. Bland had just moved to Texas in order to get a fresh start on life, she even had a job lined up for herself. …show more content…

While I am not personally connected to Bland and her family, I am African American with one older brother and one little sister. I am not attempting to persuade anyone but rather gather the facts that have already been given to use but through my perspective. During my research, hopefully I will come to understand why Sandra Blands death was ruled a suicide. Also, this research paper will allow me to have some type of understanding for why police react the way they do when they come across certain ethnic groups; more specifically African Americans. With this case I have targeted to research, I hope to find the reasons to why there were no assumptions by law enforcements that Bland could have been murdered. I also hope to gain an insight on police protocol and how they are expected to handle certain situations. Do they know that they are supposed to protect and care for everyone, regardless of race? Furthermore, my readers should be interested in my investigation because this is a world-wide issue that needs to end. Overall, my readers will learn why some Caucasian officers feel that it is necessary for them to commit these wrongful acts when arresting African American men and

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