Police Brutality Synthesis Essay

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Synthesis Research Paper Everyday growing up as a young black male we have a target on our back. Society was set out for black males not to succeed in life. I would always hear my dad talk about how police in his younger days would roam around the town looking for people to arrest or get into an altercation with. As a young boy growing up I couldn’t believe some of the things he said was happening. However as I got older I would frequently hear about someone getting killed by the police force. It still didn’t click but I knew what was happening. Growing up police brutality wasn’t broadcasted as much as it should’ve have been. This then made me think about how to improve police brutality not only dealing with African Americans but also with other colored skinned people. In “Etiquette of Police Violence” Rion Alamar Scott talks about some of the things cops first assume to do when approaching someone of color. He then continues to tell his audience about events that have happened numerous times. Even goes into detail about the prosecution of the accused officers and how they went. Scott makes a lot of good points about how cops …show more content…

The police power ought to be an impression of the community. Thus, if a community has a substantial amount of African Americans, there ought to be a proportionate number of African Americans on the police force. Be that as it may, cops of any race soon wind up plainly bored on the off chance that they work in high crime rate areas. The police typically just interact with the most noticeably bad looking of the community, the general population they capture. What's more they are presented to some terrible occasions murder, assault, and kid manhandle. They don't regularly have an opportunity to associate with the general population they ensure aside from when they meet the casualties of wrongdoings submitted in the

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