Law Enforcement Philosophy

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Being a law enforcement officer can be very difficult in some cases. There will be issues, problems, and situations that occur. In order to go about with these problems there has to be a balance. Seeing and doing things fair in a lawful way is a great way to keep balance. I am sure law enforcement know the rights to citizens have. Also, being able to protect the good of the public helps balance also. Rewards and punishment in criminal justice became an issue also. Having great morals can get you a long way in criminal justice, and when all these situations come about, we can see what needs to be done to help or change them. My philosophy and approach for balancing the issues of individual rights and the publics protection are to be fair. …show more content…

As we all know and have seen, race plays a major part in how some law enforcements interact with other races. Some are scared of the other races just like the other races are scared of law enforcement. We have to find a way to change that. And a way I think that can happen is the community. On some days have the cops go to a random neighborhood and do great things there. Build up trust and friendships with the …show more content…

My philosophy to this is, I don’t agree with this but if an act of terror came about, then yes do what you have to do. Anything besides that I don’t agree to. I can understand this more in a military situation, but with criminal justice I don’t think it is right. So, to me, criminal justice has no business doing things harsh things. Only and I mean only if terrorism was involved I'll only understand it then. From what I have read, ethics of care and peacemaking criminology is about being fair. In order to stop crime, a lot of suffering must stop ti reduce it. If we can eliminate racism, sexism, poverty, harassment, and any other type of abuse or suffering, crime will go down. We are one of the wealthiest, rich, well developed countries around and our crime is still sky high. John Fuller has a Peacemaking Pyramid that shows a model of peacemaking criminology within criminal justice. The six are from one to six. None violence, social justice, inclusion, correct means, ascertainable criteria, and categorical

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