Police Brutality: Is There Really Justice In America?

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Is there really justice in America? Where is the justice for all the victims of police brutality? Why are the police officers always getting off easy for doing unjust actions towards blacks? Where is the justice for Rodney King, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown Jr., Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Tamir Rice? Those are just some of the victims who have died in the hands of officers from being beaten or shot to death for minor crimes or just being a person of color. The reasoning to my questions is that we always find excuses for police officers for their unjust actions. We all understand that a job of a police officer is very difficult and that they put their lives on the line to keep us safe. But there should be no excuse for them to make …show more content…

There are good police officers who still believe in what is right. But the ones who do take the lives of innocent victims and disobey their code of conduct makes other police officers who do, do their job look bad. Those police officers who goes against their conduct make other police officers look bad especially white officers who have no intention of killing someone over that person's race. Many people use to look up to the police and view them as perfect role models who follows the law and always do the right thing but now many of those who use to look up to officers now fear them and take caution with every move they make because they fear for their lives. And that problem is not okay because citizens should not fear law enforcement because their race is not white. Anyone who grows up or is just here in America is taught the pledge of United States and knows that there is justice for all no matter what race you are. Police officers knows the pledge as well, they know all the laws, and what rules to follow, so why do they continue this unjust behavior of police brutality. And for some reason the justice system continues to fail to the victims of police brutality by not doing anything to the police officers who disobey orders when there should be no excuse for their actions. When the justice system fails

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