Police Brutality: The Case Of Trayvon Martin

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The Justice system has shown a pattern of taking the side of law enforcement. As of today, police brutality, specifically excessive force still remains as one of the most serious human rights violations. From the severe beatings, to the unjustified shootings, and inexcusable aggressive rough treatment all contribute to police officer misconduct. Many officers need to be opened minded about the way they address victims, suspects, and criminals. Yes, they have the upper power, but in any situation everyone is a human being and should be treated as such; the majority of this unacceptable behavior goes unnoticed or unreported. As a result, this creates complications for everyone as a whole, therefore, officials face corruption allegations, and the public is fighting for their rights. …show more content…

Justice Department announces that no federal civil rights charges will be brought against George Zimmerman, who fatally shot Trayvon Martin in February 2012”. Equally important, one contributing factor that has become evident is race. A big factor in the Trayvon Martin case was claimed to be racism; a diversity of people claimed Zimmerman as racist; I strongly feel if Trayvon Martin was white the situation, and results would have been different. In addition, the most notable racial profiling occurs mostly towards African Americans, specifically young black males. In other words, Justice is not being served for people of color, such a tragedy, African Americans have developed their own powerful movement of national protests and distributed all over social media hashtags such as

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