Personal Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Personal Declaration of Independence It seems that the time of cutting specific things out of my life has come around, certain reasons have gave me reason to believe that it is a need not a want, and this is not a plea but a declaration. I want to cut off all friends that destroy dreams by smoking, drinking, and making bad choices in general. There is no benefit or good reason to keep them around if they’re just going to hold me back. In that case I’d also like to declare that I will be leaving my neighborhood. So I can get away from all those friends but also just take away the risk of being in trouble or being killed. How all these negative role models have harmed me and many others is by putting us in bad situations even if we were not trying to be there, but even then living in my neighborhood you cannot control what happens, sometimes you are just at the right place but at the wrong time or the wrong place at the wrong time. I have had friends shot at, robbed, beat, and etc. We have also have had to deal with the violence between citizens with citizens. No matter who is right or wrong there is violence everywhere. No one sees it but it happens. Police officers are characterized as enforcers with actions of tyranny and usurpations, to hold our rights or enforce power wrongfully. No one likes no one.…show more content…
The right to be able to cut people off with their understanding of knowing why i’m choosing the choices i’m going with. I want no drama, but justice. Justice in the wrong, regardless if it’s the officers or even my fellow neighbors that are in wrong. I either want to cut friends off and move to a different hood or I want my friends to make better choices and the neighborhood to become opposite of what it is
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