Police Brutality In America Essay

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Suppressing America through Police Brutality Children look up to police officers as if they are heros, ridding the world of all crimes and bringing harmony to their city. That pure child will soon grow up to learn that these Officers are doing the opposite. Their hatred and destructiveness on innocent citizens has been occurring since the 1800s. This police brutality is not just on any average citizen. Blacks are astronomically affected by the Police force, having them wonder if they are truly protected in this country. America is supposed to be the country of the free and brave, but police brutality has forced Blacks to view the police task negatively. This creates even more tension and division between each party which only increases the prejudice and violence police convey. Police brutality is a …show more content…

Police Brutality is referring to the use of unnecessary or inordinate use of force from a Police officer towards a civilian. The abuse of power has resulted in chaos not only for each individual police department but the civilians fearing their lives. Employees engaging in misconduct happens daily but, in the law enforcement industry, misconduct ends in severe consequences for the general public. That reason alone makes the job of an Police officer so much more influential. Officers should be taking into consideration the magnitude of their duty and how reliant the people of America really are on their efforts. Officers using violence upon the innocent is a close comparison to terrorism. If American officers continue in this malpractice, the general public will place no trust, compassion or admiration in the protectors of our society. Every ethnicity, sex, or religion has encountered police brutality throughout history. In the early 20th and late 19th century, poor white men in northern cities and Jews and Immigrants from southern cities have face inhumane discipline by their local officers. Homosexuals and

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