Essay On Police Brutality

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Police brutality is when a police officer uses any type of force on someone that exceeds the necessary amount to accomplish a lawful police purpose. The force doesn’t have to just be physical, it can also be physiological harm through intimidation tactics. So in simpler terms, police brutality is when a police officer uses more force then what they should use to stop a person or animal. There is some ways that we can help prevent police brutality, one of the ways we can help prevent it is by giving police better training in a nonviolent way. This is especially important when dealing with violent animals."Police kill family dog" is practically its own subgenre of police brutality reports, and most of these cases—like the story of the Minnesota children who were made to sit, handcuffed, next to their dead and bleeding pet”(, 2018). Some departments are starting to train their officers to use violence as a last option. By making laws more clear on how cops should deal with things. In some areas a cop might think its ok to slam your head into a window and make the cuffs so tight that you 're hands bleed. Like William Terrill whos a former police officer and professor of criminal justice at Michigan state said, “To one officer 'objectively reasonable ' means that if you don 't give me your license, I get to use soft hands, and in another town the same resistance means I can pull you through the car window, [or] I can tase you.” So I think if we give all

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