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Police Brutality and the Effects it has on Athletes I. Introduction a. The snare drum starts to play, and the audience hears the national anthem starting to play as the fans look at the sidelines they see every player except one standing with their hand on their heart looking at the American flag. Colin Kaepernick making a bold statement by sitting during the national anthem but why? b. Police Brutality has been a problem in America for the past couple of decades. c. Police Brutality has always existed in America and other countries then events in recent years caught the attention of NFL players starting with Colin Kaepernick. d. Police brutality doesn 't just happen to African Americans, it happens to other ethnic groups and races, people …show more content…

Colin Kaepernick 's decision to kneel came from Erin Reid and means no disrespect to the American flag. II. Body a. Police brutality happens to poor Whites, Muslims, Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Homosexuals, and Transgender Persons. i. In the late 19th and early 20th century, poor and working-class whites expressed frustration over discriminatory policing in northern cities (Moore). ii. At about the same time, Jewish and other immigrants from southern and eastern Europe also complained of police brutality against their communities (Moore). iii. In the 1920s many urban police departments, especially in large cities such as New York and Chicago, used extralegal tactics against members of Italian-immigrant communities in efforts to crack down on organized crime (Moore). iv. In 1943 officers of the Los Angeles Police Department were complicit in attacks on Mexican Americans by U.S. servicemen during the so-called Zoot Suit Riots, reflecting the department 's history of hostility toward Hispanics (Moore). v. In New York City in 1969, homosexuals and transgender persons were regularly harassed by police and triggered the Stonewall riots (Moore). 1. The protests marked the beginning of a new era of militancy in the international gay rights movement

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