Essay On Racial Profiling In America

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Racial Profiling in America Racial profiling is defined as refers to the targeting of particular individuals by law enforcement authorities based not their behavior, but rather their personal characteristics ( The Leadership conference) . This is another mechanism for racial discrimination backed by the law. According to the The Leadership conference, racial discrimination is not solely on race, but based on religion, ethnicity and national origin.America is known around the world as a land of opportunity, therefore, people of all race come to this country for a better future; be it education, business or a job. And because of this, America is very diverse with people of different religion, ethnicity, culture and race. Pinning crime on people based on their religion, race, …show more content…

This happens in a case where members of an organization form groups because of their similar opinion to become one voice simply to make their points more recognised. If racial profiling becomes legalised in America, then each race, religion and people of same descent will team up in units to rebel and protest against the government. An example of this is the black lives matter movement. Blacks or African Americans came together as one race against the government and their country. This resulted in violent protest or riots across America. Simply because blacks felt their points will be recognised if they took to action. So much damage was caused by the fight of one race against a country. How much more, if all race, religion and nationality team up against the country which in this case will be themselves. Legalising racial profiling in America will be same as signing the bill for open war in America because everyone will feel the government do not care about them and there is therefore no need to be loyal to the country’s cause. Social profiling should not be legalised in America because it will only promote discrimination, protest, and divided

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