Sandra Bland Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Against The Waller County Sheriff's Office

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The second source summarizes how Sandra Bland's family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Waller County Sheriff's Office The family and activists have raised questions over the traffic stop and whether Bland committed suicide. Cooper, 31, a businesswoman, said the family is concerned that authorities have been releasing information selectively, including dashboard camera videos from the police car of another officer who responded after Encinia stopped Bland. The intended audience of this article is the press and the police departments who lack watching over the people who are incarcerated. The family is concerned with the way the authorities have been handling the situation. The authorities are the ones who caused the problem and now …show more content…

This article was originally published at 8 a.m.” (Internal Citation) This proves the source is reliable because it includes the author as well as updates when the source is edited. This source can be seen as bias because the author does not include any information about how Sandra’s death could be seen as her own fault. ‘’She was driving to a Wal-Mart to buy groceries July 10 when state Trooper Brian T. Encinia pulled her over for failing to signal a lane change, a minor traffic infraction.’’ This statement can be seen as bias because the author includes the words “a minor traffic infraction”.(Internal Citation) Without knowing everything that happened we do not know if it was only a minor infraction. This source uses logos to appeal to the audience. By using logos the author appeals to the reader's’ intellect. ‘’Jail booking documents show Bland wrote that she had attempted suicide after suffering a miscarriage last year and that she was epileptic, which Cooper said was true. But she noted the documents also show that Bland said she had not been depressed and wasn’t depressed at the time of her arrest.’’ ( Internal Citation) This statement has an effect on the reader because it shows the other side that defends the authorities that we don’t read about very often.

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