Mansur Ball-Bee Research Papers

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Desma Hamilton
Mr. Swartzendruber
American History
21 August 2015

We’ve heard many stories about police shooting people… and this is another one of those cases. In St. Louis this week, Mansur Ball-Bey, an 18 year old, was shot in the back after getting into a disagreement with local officers. It’s said that officers were carrying out a search warrant in the north part of the city when two men ran out the back of a house. According to Dotson, the chief of police, Ball-Bey had turned and pointed at a gun, therefore causing the officers to fire. Ball-Bey was shot in the back and pronounced dead on the scene. Dotson says that the location of the wound doesn’t prove whether Ball-Bey pointed the gun. He stated that just because he was shot in the

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