Less Lethal Weapons Essay

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Weapons are deemed as a significant element for military strategies all over the world. Overtime, these illicit weapons distributed to police forces have caused injuries some at minor at levels and whilst some are deemed at extreme levels. Electronic stun devices and other less-lethal weapons are marketed as offering unmitigated benefits to both police and public safety, with this statement there are various problems also associated with these devices such as unnecessary injury and deaths. There are various intentional injuries that police officers are affected by whilst working, the prevalence of injury in the force is rather high. By the 1800s, after departments and police departments distributed weapons and demanded the use of force that …show more content…

Thorough studies examine that the distribution of less-lethal weapons have reduced issues such as assaults on specifically police officers, other studies examine that this is increasing the death and injuries of civilians rather than focusing primarily on the safety of officers employed for the police force. It is a growing problem in the United States with increasing health issues related to the cause of police use of force in incidents that occur regularly. It is important to consider whether these less-lethal weapons are associated with the like hood of injuries. The use of force can define a wide range of different variables of force; it is vital to assess the independent contribution of less-lethal weapons on the prevalence and incidence of injury to the suspects and officers involved. Less- lethal weapons have increased the odds of injury to suspects that may be life threatening, it is most likely essential for these officers to stick to less-lethal weapons which can be classified as OC sprays or CEDs. After carefully examining modules from states such as Orlando and Austin shows that injury had decreased after the distribution of less-lethal weapons. Other studies also state that these rates of injury were much lower rather than relying on physical injury and chemical

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