Why Do Police Use Excessive Force?

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For many years, it has been difficult in identifying the proper meaning of the use of force or the proper use of force, regarding on police officers. Use of force by police officers is acceptable under specific circumstances, such as self-defense and of another individual or group when necessary. There are officers caught abusing their power by using excessive force in the wrong situations. Many people can view police officers as using excessive force in a way to complete their job, but others can view them as using excessive force inappropriately in cases like racial profiling. Police officers use the amount of force necessary to ease the situation, arrest an individual, or protect themselves and others from harm. A certain amount of people understand that excessive force is required in different situations. There are moments when police officers will be obligated to use excessive force to calm the situation. For example; Rahtz said, “Then you have others who understand that in some situations, force is not only necessary but is required, if serious, injury or death is avoided” (Rahtz, 2007). Force can be necessary and understood …show more content…

Some officers could use racial profiling to detain a suspect. For example; On April 4, 2015, a White officer, Michael Slager, stopped a 50-year-old Black man, Walter Scott, because he had a broken brake light. Scott ran and Slager fired his gun at Scott hitting him in the back five times. Michael Slager, who had been fired, was also trial for murder and pleaded guilty (Department of Justice [DOJ]), 2016. That case, no threat or danger against the police officer were made. The police officer could have solved the situation in a hasty manner. Using deadly force is obligated on occasions such as self-defense or protecting other individuals from danger. Police officers have to make quick decisions, but they should know if it's correct or

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