Essay On Police Use Of Force

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Xialea Mclean
Police force is sufficient or should use more
Police officers are only supposed to use the amount of force necessary to prevent any accidents. According to the National Institute of Justice ,"the use of force by law enforcement officers becomes necessary and is permitted under specific circumstances, such as in self-defense or in defense of another individual or group." The law enforcement are allowed to use lethal, non-lethal force, physical, and verbal restraints. The amount of force used by the law can be depended by the situation they are currently in. While on duty, a officers are trained to judge when the situation requires a use of force. The main goal of a officer is to gain control of situation, to protect and serve the community. So if they can 't regulate the problem, by using the low levels of force, then they simply must increase the amount of force. Also …show more content…

Which then makes it harder for the officer to gain control. If the officer cannot gain control of the problem, then either the officer will be injured or the suspect will get away. According to Ken Wallentine, police rarely use force; so why would you take away and reduce their ability to use force, when it 's rarely used. Most often individuals who say police use too much are often talking about officers who lack the necessary education. So under those circumstances simply provide more training instead of wanted the law enforcement to reduce the amount of force can they use. If the law enforcement were to reduce the amount of force the officers are allowed to use, crime would simply be even more out of control. I say because if the officer can 't get control the suspect will easily take advantage of the officer.The current amount of force an officer can use is efficient, for the this reason the police officers have to right to protect themselves along with the community.The law allows police officers to use deadly force if

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