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New Jersey’s Use of Force Policy: Crituque
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New Jersey’s Use of Force Policy: Critique
The use of force among the police was defined by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as the amount of effort that is required by the police officers to compel compliance from unwilling subjects (Silveril, 2014). Throughout the United States, different law enforcement agencies have different policies that address the use of force by the police. The New Jersey’s attorney general’s use of force policy was implemented in 1985 with the primary purpose of providing the police with adequate guidance when confronted with use of force situations in the course of their duty to protect …show more content…

The policy’s main strength is that it is a very effective way to deter crime. Criminals avoid committing crimes since they are aware that the police will stop at nothing to ensure that public safety has been protected and criminals apprehended. Another strength of the use of force policy is that it enables officers to be armed and use force thereby allowing the police officers to protect themselves from the many dangers and risks that they encounter in the process of carrying out their daily duties. Furthermore, the policy also helps to enhance the feelings of safety among members of the public since they are rest assured that the law enforcement officials are properly armed and can take any forceful actions to counter criminal activities when it is …show more content…

The most important weakness of this policy is that it offers grounds for dirty cops to utilize force illegally to pursue selfish personal agendas that are not in the interests of the public. A police officer can use deadly force and allege that the use of force was necessary when indeed it was not and since there are no effective ways to measure such allegations such officers will end up going scot free. The police officers are supposed to be each other’s keepers and prevent their colleagues from misusing the authority given by the policy while officers who break the law can be charged in court. However, this is not guarantee that such authority will not be used illegally. Another weakness is that cases of mistaken identity can lead to harm to innocent civilians who are suspected of being

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