Pros And Cons Of A Correctional Officer

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I have a complaint, and wish a legal ruling prior to allowing a Correctional Officer to become involved in a legal battle or worse yet, injured:
Currently, the Department of Corrections has the authority and directives for Officers to use force within the building or confines of their building. In some instances, where perimeter patrols are on duty, use of force directives apply. There are strict directives for Certified Officers to use force. When certified as a PTO and off institutional grounds these directives again apply. Moreover, these directives apply directly to those inmates who are property remand into the custody of the State. There are no directives for guidance for Correctional Officers to touch any individual who is not in …show more content…

Are CO’s encountering legal ramifications if departing the confines of the building and helping Police detain or move a detainee. Indemnification is the question? Clearly, bringing a civilian into the building, by force, lends itself to possible legal questions. Additionally, if that civilian is under the influence of alcohol, or other ingested substances (spice), and the Officer is injured or by happen-stance injures that individual, legal issues will occur. If that Officer is accused of improper procedures, or touching, legal issues again arise.
My specific complaint arises to these similar circumstances. Two days ago, while screening a remand, some bazar incident injured by left arm and shoulder. This was not serious but, nevertheless, that instance was in the building and the remand was refused, the individual was removed from the building, I completed a workman’s comp form. If departing the building, apply hands to a civilian in Police custody, an Officer is injured or force is applied, is the legal …show more content…

These remands may or may not be officially remand into the custody (they may be refused). Moreover, there is a possibility that legal issues during this encounter are questionable. While this appears to be of some historical standard, there has been no legal objection to this point, I believe this goes beyond our scope of duties as well as presents a legal battle that if tested will be eye-opening. With the current substance abuse by civilians, there is a great possibility that our Officers will be injured. The civilians who are in the custody of Police and are on Spice, Heroin, or other substance, may not be admitted into the facility and have the propensity to cause injury that is not within the scope of our

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