Use Of Force Policy Analysis

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A correctional facility must have a use of force policy that is constitutional and guides correctional officers in its application. The first step is to have a use of force policy to define what is considered force and when officers can use force, what types of force may be used, and what weapons are authorized (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). The policy must include a force continuum and levels of resistance along with what force is authorized for use against a certain level of resistance. The policy must contain how incidents involving the use of force are to be reported, reviewed, and what disciplinary actions will be taken for the excessive use of force. Also included should be procedures outlining the proper decontamination and medical procedures for uses of force. Nowadays there are many different types of nonlethal weapons available including pepper spray, batons, Tasers, and less lethal firearms (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). Their place in the force continuum must be defines along with what personnel that are authorized to use them, limitations on their use, and, if stored, where they are to be stored (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). There should also be a provision for a Personnel Early Warning System (PEWS) to record all uses of force so that if any officer has a predetermined number of incidents within a certain time period, all incidents can be examined to determine if there is a pattern or a problem with a particular officer. The policy should …show more content…

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