Essay On Gun Control Problems

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Gun control problems Nowadays, we can hear the crimes related to guns from time to time, and each of them is scarified and influential. For example, the accident happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School leads to 20 deaths for primacy school students and 6 deaths for staffs. It is hard to imagine what degree of sadness in their family may suffer. In this way, many people think the government should have stronger gun control regulations. I also hold the same position with them . However, there is still a large portion of people against the gun control. For those people who against stronger gun control, they argue that the stronger gun control may stimulate people’s rebellion inside them and increase the crime rate. Just like when we see “Do…show more content…
For thousands of shooting crimes happening in the U.S., many of them have the titles started with “elementary school” or “women”. Most recently, a six-year-old boy was injured and died during a shooting at a South Carolina elementary school, and the Sandy Hook Elementary school. These killings lead to the losing of lives and the sorrow for those families. Those primary students do not know how to use a gun, or they do not hold guns to school. So they cannot benefit from the self-defense function from guns, the only thing they get is the life threat…show more content…
Even though there are many people argue “the guns do not kill people but people do”. However, Evan DeFilippis states, in his article “Debunking the Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People Myth”, that the gun itself is not able to harm, and guns become harmful when people hold them. He highlights that when people hold a gun, they tend to kill more often and more efficiency than those who do not have a gun. He illustrates this is because the environment may affect people’s behaviors. If the surrounding environment is that everyone has a gun, people become more fractious and they may not able to control themselves under extreme emotions. Moreover, this leads to an easier way to kill people since they only need to pull the trigger. As a
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