Personal Narrative: The Great Battle

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Crackle, pop the fire sounded as I placed new logs on top of the hot embers. This was the fire the children of my village sat around and told stories before they went to sleep, and tonight was no different. All of their eyes stared at me expectantly as they waited for me to start telling them a story. “Two Rivers Running, tell us the Story of the Great Battle again,” the little ones asked. All eyes were on me as I sat down next to them, everyone silent as I told them the story of the Great Battle. Thwump! A musket ball smacked the tree that was shielding me from the Red Army’s guns. I ducked, my heart racing as I moved out of range of their rifles. As I moved I could see the Red Army stretched many miles on the path towards Fort Duquesne. Hiding again behind another tree I leveled my rifle and took aim at one of the officers and fired as I, along with the other warriors, had been commanded by Chief Red Hawk before the Great Battle started. As the battle raged, we took our aim and shot down the officers …show more content…

I leveled my rifle and took aim at the last mounted Officer. Bang! My rifle fired as I pulled the trigger and sent a deadly bullet in the direction of the Officer. The Officer’s horse went sprawling, but the last Red Army Officer was not dead. I reloaded my gun and fired another shot at the Officer, I missed. As I reloaded my weapon again many more shots rang out from behind the tree line where I hid, some hit the Red Army’s soldiers, but I know most were aimed at the last Officer who was now sitting on a different horse mount. I fired five more times at the Officer and again I missed five times. My rifle did not know how to miss except for the last Red Army Officer. Chief Red Hawk, after shooting at the Officer many times himself, ordered us to stop firing at the last Officer proclaiming “Cease fire, he is under the protection of the Great

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