Period 4, 1800-1848

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In period 4, (1800-1848). The U.S. was widely shaped and formed by Technology, a modern democracy, democratic ideals, and technology over the 48 year time period. The republic struggled with democratic ideal as well as many economical, territorial, and demographic changes shaping the United States. In 1800 Thomas Jefferson was elected as President of the United States, Jefferson’s speech consisted of trying to get federalists and republicans to work together for the common good of the Nation. The next year in 1801 the Judiciary Act was passed which was to increase amount of federal courts, judgeships, clerks, and marshals. John Marshall was elected as the Chief of Justice for the Supreme Court, his first large record of achievement was first off with the Marbury v. Madison act, in 1803. …show more content…

The port of New Orleans was closed to all American Farmer’s, Thomas Jefferson was scared that the French Empire would destroy American expansion. Louisiana was purchased for $10 million. The Haitian Revolution gained freedom from france in 1791 the start of the revolution first broke out and it ended on January 1, 1804. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton had a duel in 1804. Alexander Hamilton had fired the first shot directly into the air on purpose. Arron then fires and kills Hamilton in the

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