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  • Personification And Imagery In Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree

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    house, said the tree”, “Cut down my trunk and make a boat, said the tree” are examples of personification. When the tree was talking to the boy the author was giving human characteristics to an object. When the boy said “I want some money?” he was being greedy because he didn’t need it, and the tree was nice and let him take some of her apples and sell them and get some money.

  • Sacrifice And Love In Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree

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    explain this topic well are… “Come, boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be “happy” “I am too big to climb and play said the boy.” “I want to buy things and have fun. I want some money. Can you give me money? ”The boy didn’t think once about what the tree wanted, he just thought of himself. Throughout the story… the one thing the tree wanted was to have the boy climb up her trunk, swing from her branches, eat apples, play in her shade, and

  • Rachel's Short Story 'Eleven'

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    In the story “Eleven” the main character Rachel is acting like an immature child. There are many examples of her emotions coming out of her in a childlike way. One example is when she begins to give excuses for certain behaviors and relates them to younger ages like it is ok to act like a kid. Using comparisons like “Or maybe some days you might need to sit on your mama’s lap because you’re scared, and that’s the part of you that’s five” shows how she would prefer to act childlike and not grow

  • The Giving Tree Thesis

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    In the book “The Giving Tree”, the tree gave all she could to the boy she loved very much. I believe “Be the Tree” means that Seth would have wanted to be like the tree to everyone receiving the scholarship. He would want to be like the giving tree, which he is in a special way. To me, Being the tree is the scholarship recipient. I have read where Seth was a very Christian person, who wanted everyone to know Christ. I think that is also apart of being the tree, learning and teaching people about

  • Summary Of Eleven By Sandra Cisneros

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    An eleven year old girl is confused as the owner of an ugly red sweater on her birthday. Her birthday is ruined by the unfortunate spectacle. In the short story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, the author characterizes Rachel as a young girl that is miserable and embarrassed. In the median of the story, Rachel exhibits anguish and distress. The upset narrator says,” Not mine, not mine, not mine.” She conveys her frustration with the sweater using repetition. The use of repetition illustrates how unsettled

  • The Story Of Adnan Syed

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    me his daughter’s number, I went to see her right away. Her name is Laura, here’s what she remembered about what The Neighbor Boy told her that day.Laura he was, with a friend and the friend said something like, ‘look what I have’ and he popped the trunk and that’s what he saw. Sarah Koenig did he seem upset or..?

  • Personal Narrative-Sleep Scrap Poop

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    “Scrap Scrap” said the tree as I was climbing up it. This was a big jungle tree about the size of a skyscraper. It grew tall it had slippery green moss on the side and had long branches the size of a huge limo, but I don’t know what that is because I have never seen one. I have lived in the jungle all of my life with just a van and a little bit of gas left in it, in the middle of nowhere and I can’t do anything about it. When I was little my parents had got divorced and I had to go to an orphanage

  • Personal Narrative: A Separate Peace

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    boxes looking for something, anything that would help me finish this project. My teacher just handed out an essay that we have to do on the history of a family member . My Dad told me if we have anything it would be in the trunk upstairs, but there were only trinkets in the trunk. I resorted to scavenging through the boxes in the attic. I gave up after finding nothing except a picture of some man sitting on a pony. Why it would be in a box in my attic, I have no idea. I blew a loose piece of my brown

  • A Separate Peace Chapter Summaries

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    3.A Separate Peace starts off with our main character and narrator, Gene Forrester, revisiting his prep school fifteen years after he left it. Gene explores the area, but mostly seems interested in a tree, that if a very important object throughout the entirety of the book. Half way through the first chapter, we begin to see why the tree is so important when Phineas and Gene jump off of it. The reader soon learns that Finny (Phineas) and Gene are roommates and best friends, who have even made a club

  • The Importance Of Outcast's Forest In Speak

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    She realizes that she will never be the same person she was before. “I can see it in my head: a strong old oak tree with a wide scarred trunk and thousands of leaves reaching towards the sun...But when I try to carve it, it looks like a dead tree, toothpicks, a child’s drawing” (Anderson 78). Melinda can’t bring life to her trees because she can’t find life within herself: she has become

  • St. Norbert's Black Stache

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    be the British. They manage to take over the Never Land and the crew. Molly and Peter try to hide the trunk with the starstuff but they end up throwing it overboard during the the fight and the storm. Once the storm was over everyone including the trunk was washed ashore on an island. The island had a giant crocodile and hostile natives. Everyone split up on the island to find the trunk. Alf, a sailor, is with the other boys and Peter and Molly are together. Little Richard and Slank, from

  • Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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    created a theory on how the population of elephants mostly have long trunks when years ago, the elephant population had short trunks. According to Darwin, most elephants had short trunks but there were a select few of elephants who had long trunks. Due to the lack of vegetation and water, these elephants could reach, elephants with these short trunks could not get their food, and began to die off. However, those elephants with longer trunks were able to reach the higher branches of vegetation and water

  • The Evolution Of Elephants

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    Elephants are notorious for their distinct appearance; their large tusks, enormous size, long trunk, floppy ears and so on. It is a common thought that the elephant’s closest relatives must be other large, gray, terrestrial animals found in Africa such as rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses. However, elephants are far closer related to the manatee, hyrax, aardvark and round-eared sengi The evolution of this marvelous modern mammal began more than 50 million years ago. Their earliest ancestors (moeritherium)

  • Essay About Taekwondo

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    COMPARISON OF KINEMATIC CHARACTERISTICS IN TURNING LONG KICK BETWEEN MALE AND FEMALE PLAYERS Niko Francisco, Armando Lazaro, Migs Ocampo and Justin Reyes University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines Taekwondo originated in Korea. It is one of the most known martial arts in the world. The purpose of this study is to identify the difference in kinematic characteristics in turning long kick of a male and female player. There are three phases in a turning long kick (initial, kick

  • Cayie Anthony: The Murder Of Casey Anthony

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    An investigation was then open. Evidence that was lifted and admitted in court were; human hair found in trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, detection of decomposition, a stained paper towel, insect activity and cyber-evidence. The testimony lasted 33 days in court after which the dury found Casey Anthony not guilty on the charges of aggravated child abuse, aggravated

  • Smell Of Death: The Casey Anthony Trial

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    piece of evidence had been brought up about whether or not the “smell of death” from the trunk of Casey’s car can be linked to and used as evidence in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The smell that was in the trunk of Casey’s car could have been used as evidence in the trial. Why? Because it would have proven that, her daughter Caylee decomposed body was in the trunk of the car. The smell in the trunk of the car was tested and contained a large amount of chloroform and key compounds of human

  • 9/11 Short Stories

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    Kevin grabs the keys off the hook, and panics. He decides to pop the trunk, lays down in the cramp space, and closes it. Kevin grabs his phone and out of his pocket and dials 911. "911 what 's your emergency." The operator says. "Hey my name is Kevin Cloud, I live on 47 Williams Street. I am home alone a man broke into my house. I need someone over here now, I don 't know where he is, and I 've hidden myself in the trunk of my car." "Alright son, can you give a description of him." The police

  • The Human Muscle System

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    In the anterior trunk, movement of the arm from the shoulder joint, movement of the scapula, movement of the abdominal wall, and muscles used for breathing. The deltoid muscle is a large, round shape, triangle that is located at the shoulder. With the assistance of this

  • Holes Sachar Book Report

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    Holes Summary Holes is a book by Louis Sachar. The story is about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats a single child from a family of three. He is accused of stealing a pair of sneakers from a famous Baseball player Clyde Livingston aka Sweet Feet and is sentenced to serve 18 months in a juvenile facility. Stanley received such a harsh sentence because the sneakers he was accused of stealing would have been auctioned for a hefty price and the money would have benefited homeless shelters

  • Smell Investigation Of Casey Anthony

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    outlets. I will be talking about the evidence found against Casey Anthony which made her a big part of the murder. There was Human hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. The odor in the trunk of her car smelled of a decomposed body. There was a stained paper towel with fatty acids on it. There was also a presence of chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car. During the trial, investigation searched Casey Anthony’s car. The hypothesis that Casey Anthony put away her little