Descriptive Essay: A Vietnam War Soldier

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It's viciously cold, people are sick, hunger is spreading across all two thousand huts, and that’s just the beginning. Further on, I hear gunshots being fired while soldiers are marching. Its 1777 and the Revolutionary War just started and soldiers are already retreating. I stay here and protect the soldiers from enemies while disease, hunger, and cold spread. I know why I was made and how I will serve - sheltering these warriors is the most important objective I will do. I am not alone. The freezing, bitter air creates weightless snowflakes tumble to the ground, as I stand in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. More walls rise just like me, made by wonderful people. In fact, I'm wooden and well built, but with age, I soon will fall apart. There are …show more content…

I hear them in the distance across the fields and over the hills, as I fret the arrival in my camp someday. The men marching towards me are a reminder that I will protect them when needed. There weren’t ever any fights at my camp, but the men would never come back the same. I watched as the soldiers got sick and became hungry, while the other soldiers went off to fight. Some mornings, I feel the vibration of the soldiers cutting trees and pounding nails as they build more cabins, wishing I could help so they weren’t in the cold. The sawdust flies by, I can taste it through the breeze. In the afternoon, soldiers take turns practicing their shooting and using their knives to prepare if they get ambushed. I can taste the gunpowder from the huge rifles. The gunpowder's thick, white puffs of smoke smell like burning firewood. Battles may not be here, but soldiers are on the tips of their toes afraid they must fight in their safe place. My strong appearance brings hope and inspires persistence so the soldiers can achieve their goal. The sound of the soldiers singing keeps spirits high. Bonfires bring warmth as the soldiers stand nearby to keep from getting hypothermia. The elbows of at least twelve soldiers brush against me as they enter their shared 16x14ft cabins. Soldiers have very little food, like flour, which they use to make fire cakes for dinner. Later, they run out of flour to make the cakes. Nevertheless, I help bring hope and

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