Dbq Essay On Syrian Civil War

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The Syrian Civil War has been prolonged further than ever anticipated. With casualties reaching the hundreds of thousands, this war has left permanent impacts on families across all of Syria. The civil war in Syria was sparked from the Arab Spring which consisted of countries in North Africa and Middle East. It then escalated to widespread violence emitting from the Syrian government, and resulting in what is now the Syrian Civil War. With all of this starting from a peaceful protest and now resulting in a violent and messy war, is it really worth it at this point? Without a doubt, Syria has some huge issues facing their society currently as well as in the future. These issues have continued to be fueled by sectarian conflicts among religions, a divided opposition within the rebel groups, and the foreign interference from countries involved for their own personal interests. One of the biggest issues in Syria is the sectarian …show more content…

Many believe that the Syrian war has been prolonged by outside involvement contributing to the war in Syria. A big conflicting matter is the support of different oppositions when going from country to country. Recently a big issue is Russia’s support to the Assad Regime against the United States’s support for the Syrian Rebels. This truly is believed to be the single largest factor contributing to prolonged war and failure of reconciliation efforts (Document F). US led coalition airstrikes and Russian airstrikes have also played a big part in delaying the end to the war in Syria. Each side in this sometimes called “Proxy war” have different views on who are the terrorists. The United States recognises the Kurds as allies while Russia believes to see them as terrorists. With each side looking to strengthen the positions of whichever side they are supporting, the end of this war does not seem to be anytime soon for the country of Syria (Document

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