Dbq Essay On The Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Genocide caused generations of pain and loss of the rich heritage of the Armenians. Not only did the genocide cause major human losses, but also caused a major psychological and moral blow at the attempt to exterminate the Armenian nation from the root. The Armenian Genocide resulted with around 1.5 million Armenians massacred, with only around half a million surviving the genocide. The loss of family, friends and the Armenian community, the genocide had a staggering blow on the Armenian race. The survivors escaped with merely their lives and the horrid memories of the cruel and inhumane nature of the Young Turks. During the genocide there was no pity or discrimination, they were out to destroy the Armenian race out of pure anger. …show more content…

The various news accounts from the New York Times in Source C tell of just some of the gruesome stories that confronted the Armenians. These articles share with the world the confronting nature of the young Turks and the proof that the Armenian genocide did occur. E- As well as these news coverage’s are the confronting photos (Source D) taken by a German medic stationed in the Ottoman Empire, disobeying orders to stifle the news of the genocide, he collected information of the genocide and secretly delivered it through to the United States and Germany. These photos tell the gruesome truth of the Armenian genocide, they demonstrate the suffering the Armenians went through, the starvation clear by the malnourished bodies and also show the significant number of the dead, as proof of the genocide. The photos also show the innocence of children during the genocide, as they watch on horrible scenes of the dead or other dying children. This furthermore proves of the attempt at genocide, as there is no discriminating or reluctance; men, women and children were all

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