Berlin Wall Analysis

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Summary of Evidence SOURCE B (THE BERLIN WALL: A SECRET HISTORY) The Berlin Wall separated many families as it divided Berlin into a communist and capitalist state. This division spread anger throughout the world as it became an international crisis. This worldwide anger proves that the Wall did not only cause a physical division but divided communist and capitalist countries throughout the world. This divide was known as the Iron Curtain. This article says that Germany “became a creature of the Communist-capitalist conflict”. This description is stating that Germany represented what was going on in the rest of the world during the Cold War. Even before the Wall was built, there was a prominent divide in Germany. The Western Powers did express their concern however none of them were willing to go to war to prevent division in Germany. SOURCE C (UNITED AND DIVIDED: GERMANY SINCE 1990) The typical East German’s complaints after WW2 were rooted in the rumours about West Germany. Although speeches were made trying to belittle West Germany, East Germans noticed the rise in living standards and income in West Germany, the freedom of West Germans, and envied their liberty and their prosperity. The citizens of East Germany felt that their government had failed them. They wanted what West Germans had and their government was unable to provide it. This caused many people to flee to West Germany. This unhappiness did not only occur in East Germany. Other events in history prove that
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