The Berlin Wall Analysis

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Summary of Evidence
The Berlin Wall separated many families as it divided Berlin into a communist and capitalist state. This division spread anger throughout the world as it became an international crisis. This worldwide anger proves that the Wall did not only cause a physical division but divided communist and capitalist countries throughout the world. This divide was known as the Iron Curtain. This article says that Germany “became a creature of the Communist-capitalist conflict”. This description is stating that Germany represented what was going on in the rest of the world during the Cold War. Even before the Wall was built, there was a prominent divide in Germany. The Western Powers did express
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History Today is a UK-based history magazine. Article was written by Frederick Taylor who is a British novelist and historian.

• Purpose – This article’s purpose is to explain what the Wall meant, not only to the people in Germany, but to the rest of the world. Its purpose is to question common beliefs about the Berlin Wall.

• Value – This source is a secondary source and is valuable to my research question because it goes against the norm and makes you think. Many view the Western Powers as innocent in this conflict, however this article states otherwise. It is valuable because one person/country’s opinion should not count more than another’s.

• Limitations – This source is opinionated, one-sided and biased against the Western Powers as it is written from the perspective of a person intentionally questioning the norm. It states radical opinions as facts. This secondary source is not reliable because it could be based on speculation and twisting of facts as there is a lack of evidence.
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The cartoonist aimed to gain support for Capitalism. Therefore, it is exaggerated and only represents the downside to Communism which is not accurate or credible.
• Origin – This speech was made by John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States from 1961-1963) during his visit to West Berlin in 1963.

• Purpose – The purpose of Kennedy’s speech was to give America’s approval of the progress in West Germany and reassurance of America’s commitment to them. The purpose of his speech was to encourage the people and make sure that they didn’t stray from Capitalism. He did this by highlighting communism’s imperfections.

• Value – The source is a primary source and is valuable to my research question because it shows how propaganda was used to scare people into thinking Communism was the enemy. It is also valuable because it shows the great influence America had on the world.

• Limitations – This speech was made to gain support for Capitalism. Therefore, it is very opinionated, overexaggerated and biased against Communism. It is not reliable as it is from a Capitalist leader’s perspective and he would say anything to promote Capitalism whether it was factual or
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