Argumentative Essay On The Berlin Wall

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Berlin was known as the centerpiece of the Cold War. Being the capital city of Germany, the desire to have power over it was extremely high. Germany was split into two, the East, taken over by the Soviet Union, and the West, taken over by the United States, Britain, and France. Tensions rose between each country on who would be able to have power over Berlin. Since the city was on the east side and up to 100 miles inside Soviet-controlled East Germany, the Soviets had power; However, the West would not allow them to take over the capital city so easily. (Dearden) On August 13, the Berlin Wall, also known as the Iron Curtain due to its thick and heavy appearance, was constructed to create the division know for West and East Berlin. United States,…show more content…
Natives of East Berlin were desperate to go into West Berlin, and the quantity of checkpoints in which Westerners could cross the fringe was greatly lessened. This negatively affected many citizens of East Berlin and they would not obey to any rules. The way to get out was so flee the east, so right as the wall went up, up to 2000 people everyday escaped to the other side. This shows desperation and anger due to being separated from the rest of the city. Surprisingly, more than 3 million East Germans escaped to West Germany between 1945 and 1961. Since the east berlin citizens were understandably unhappy with the consequences of the wall, It would be very difficult for the GDR to keep citizens in East Berlin as seen in pictures of men and women of all ages trying to escape.…show more content…
for work rates, are very similar and very close to industrialized nations like Canada, Japan, and the United States, which is a very big positive effect for every east berliner. (Mauk) The Berlin Wall coming down 25 years back not simply joined Germany and expected the coming breakdown of the Soviet Union; (Tony Karon) it created a noteworthy change in overall issues. Even though the Cold War that happened after World War II made a very bipolar world, due to relations between the parallel conflict of a U.S.- drove West versus a Soviet-instructed East, in the end, there was more peace than the beginning. The detached of the West from the East Berlin symbolizes the end of the Cold War

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