North Korea Dbq Analysis

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After WWII, there was communism fever in the northern part of the world. This domineering outbreak of communism threatened the US and our capitalist allies. Through the outbreaks, the US took things to drastic measures and did everything in their power to stop communism, causing multiple wars and combat. During June of 1950, North Korea first invaded the Southern part of Korea due to their pessimistic views on communism. South Korea didn’t want to be a contribution to communism, where North Korea believed that communism was the solution to all problems. This invasion caused and all out war the involved many other countries like Russia and the US. As stated in “Document C”, Russia’s job was to help North Korea and promote their communists government, where the US was there to help South Korea promote their capitalism. Several years after continuously fighting on whether Korea should have a communist or capitalists government, the war finally ended. The country is still divided today and North Korea still remains communists leaving the US failing to stop communism. January of 1959, Cuba welcomed the first of the Cuban Revolution, and had become a communist country under the rule of Fidel Castro as mentioned in “Document D”. The US, against communism, became much involved in Cuba during 1962, when …show more content…

Their motives were to keep the Western fascists out of East Berlin. This division caused a panic to boths sides of Berlin as it would if any other country split into two because of their political views: communism vs. capitalism. As said in “Document B”, the US, being capitalists, wanted to support their allies and stop any trace of communism and soon became involved in the Berlin division. West Berlin received help from the U.S. and succeeded in their fight against communism when the wall between the two societies was torn

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