Argumentative Essay On The Cuban Missile Crisis

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During the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. It was when two superpowers were close to causing a nuclear war. Its main origin was when the United States invaded Cuba, on April 10, 1961; which is also known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. After the invasion, previous Prime Minister; Fidel Castro of Cuba, was ‘paranoid’ because he felt like America was planning another attack. So in order to protect his nation, he sought military and economic help from the Soviet Union. Late president Nikita Khrushchev (from USSR), agreed to assist Castro and took immediate action. He installed missiles in Cuba, which the US thought was a threat to the security of their nation. In summary, I think that this was a defensive move by the Cubans. I most definitely agree with …show more content…

Another reason why America was aggressive is because for example, when there was a meeting on what action the US should take against Cuba and USSR, three out of the four proposals were ones that could probably cause another war. One of the proposals was to destroy the Soviet missiles in Cuba by an airstrike, which is a very intense act. Furthermore, another reason why I agree with Cuba’s point of view, is because America was unfair with its ‘regulations’ with Cuba. Castro was not allowed to keep Soviet missiles in his land, because Kennedy stated that it was a threat to the security of the US. While on the other hand, the US had all the nuclear power to fire at Cuba at any time without any conditions. I do not think that is fair because America abused it’s power on other countries that did not have as much capability. Also, the US used the Guantanamo Bay in Cuba as a military base. Which I find ironic because, President Kennedy threatens Cuba by stating that the US is using their territory (Cuba’s territory) to fight Cuba. I find it quite interesting how America

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