King George III: The Cuban Revolution

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Back in the younger days when America was just a tiny piece of land made of colonies, there was a ruler who went by the name King George III. King George was a mean man. He sent troops over that took our houses, made us live by certain rules, and cut off our trades with all parts of the world, except for Britain. He told us “No! You may not communicate and trade with other parts of the world. We are your mother land. You may only trade with us.” As one may be able to tell, King George III was a greedy man who was scared to see his people he sent over take control of the land he wanted. Ironically, we did the same thing with Cuba in 1964. We ended up cutting off trade with Cuba because of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was a time where Russia sent nuclear weapons to Cuba that was in reach of the United States. The States got scared and demanded Cuba to give the missiles back to Russia. However, Cuba did not like that idea so the United States cut off all forms of communication. Cuba kept the missiles and the United States went along on their day. We ended up cutting off all forms of trade communication, transportation, etc. The United States basically banned Cuba and any talk of it. Cuba was not a happy subject at any type of party. …show more content…

The United States cut off trade with Cuba because of fear. Britain cut off our trades with all parts of the world because of greed. I think if the founding fathers were to return to find this mess, they would be outraged, because this is what they worked so hard for. They worked to get America free and striving and repeating the same history patterns 200 years later defeats the purpose of what they fought for. They fought through King George III and the American Revolution and this is how we repay them? By showing them they fought for nothing, sounds like a great way to repay someone if you ask

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