Dbq Push And Pull Factors

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What are some examples of push and pull factors? Why did these factors make people want to go to the US? War, disease, a bad government, bad calamities and famine are just some examples of push factors. Better opportunities, better living conditions, healthcare, and education are also a few examples of pull factors. In this essay I will explain how there are many ways to explain the most influential push and pull factors that contribute to immigration to the United States. From document 2 I can infer that due to the war and bombs at 13 year old Saba’s home, young Saba wanted for him and his family to move to another country, like the US The war going on in Syria was very dangerous place for his family to live in, they left their home even if they didn’t want to. War is a big push factor that could make an individual or a group of people leave their home and become refugees. Another way that I can explain the push and pull factors that contribute to the US is from document 1. I can infer that the open farm land in the US caught the attention of many foreigners struggling with financial problems and farming problems. People realised that with the big chunk of land that they could possibly own, might put them back on their feet so they can start fresh again. I can …show more content…

People like Castro are jerks and are very forceful, bad leaders. Castro canceled elections, forced non-communists to resign from the government in disgrace, worked secret arms deals with the Soviets, carried out mass executions live on the TV’s, shut down the free press, attacked the church and confiscated its property, tortured critics, criminalized private commercial transactions and blanketed all of Cuba with the enduring terror of his dictatorship. A bad leader is a big push factor that made Mario Loyola and his family leave Cuba and go to the

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