Rise Of America Dbq

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In 1877, The United States was on the rise of the industrialization; America rapidly expanded, immigrants moved to the “melting pot,” and the nation became economically advanced. In July of 1776, the thirteen American colonies declared their independence and the nation was the “ United States of America.” The Americans wanted to be free form Great Britain because they wanted sovereignty and did not want allegiance with Britain. In 1803, the U.S. first purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for fifteen million dollars, which doubled the size of the land. The expansion happened quickly and allowed the nation to grow in power because America had more resources. The U.S. added fifteen parts of states to their territory for about forty-two …show more content…

America wanted the southern railroad line for the California Gold Rush. In 1867 the United States bought Alaska from Russia for seven million dollars. Alaska being apart of the U.S. weakened British control because the land was strategically placed. Alaska’s oil brought in a lot of money for the U.S. The growth and expansion of America in 1877 helped Americans become powerful and expand their military. In 1877 America was known as the melting pot of the world because everyone that lived there was a descendent of immigrants. Englishmen traveled to America to create the colonies and this was the start of people finding new opportunity in America. Salves were imported to the colonies to work on plantations. The Federal government declared two years of registry to make it harder for immigrants to become American citizens. Federalists wanted to control aliens, so they made the sedition acts. Immigrants wanted religious freedom, economic security, land ownership, and education and social advancement. Everyone wanted the American Dream. The American party was against Catholics and Eastern Europeans, so immigration slowed down and people did not feel

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