Spanish American War Causes

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There were many important causes and effects of the Spanish American War. In the 1880’s the U.S. wanted to achieve manifest destiny and so they expanded out west and took control over the Native Americans. There were four different motives that the United States could’ve used to imperialize: political and military interest and economic interest were mostly with trading. Humanitarian and religious interest, to help those that you have allied with or to spread religion and the rich help those who were “under privileged.” Lastly, social darwinism, the idea that you are superior than someone else. The United States wanted to avoid war and so they set up trading alliance with both China and Japan. Then, the U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia, set …show more content…

Americans learned more about what happened during the Spanish American War through articles that exposed the violent tensions in Cuba. The Americans then felt the need that we should help Cuba against Spain. The Americans in power wanted to remain neutral, while the public wanted to go to war. The U.S. Maine was a battleship that was sent to Cuba to spy on them and understand the situation in person. While the ship was there, it mysteriously blew up, the blame was put on Spain for the explosion. This explosion finally made the Americans want to go to war, and so the United States decided to get involved. On April 25, 1898, the United States officially went to war with Spain to help Cuba. Instead of the battles being fast and right away, the United States was hesitant and patient. After multiple articles from Hearst and Pulitzer exposing the horrors in Cuba and the rumors about the explosion of the U.S. Mains, America finally got involved in the Spanish American …show more content…

Theodore Roosevelt saw that war was approaching and advised Commodore George Dewey to send troops to the Philippines on May 1. The battle of the Philippines was the first battle of the Spanish American War, it took place on May 1. There was not a single ship lost for the U.S., whereas all Spanish ships were destroyed, the U.S. had won their first battle of the Spanish American War. Most of the fighting in Cuba took place in Santiago, there was partial fighting in the water. Roosevelt left his post in the navy to come fight in Cuba. He led a group called Rough Riders, they charged up the San Juan Hill, which starts the war in Cuba. Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders charged up San Juan Hill, this starts the war in Cuba. While the Spanish tried to retreat, they were trapped in the Santiago Harbor, two weeks later, 24,000 Spanish soldier retreated. A peace treaty was then signed which signified the independence of Cuba and the end of the Spanish American War. After the battles, the United States was able to help Cuba release from the Spanish rule and become

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