The Important Causes And Effects Of The Spanish American War

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There were many important causes and effects of the Spanish American War. In the 1880’s the U.S. wanted to achieve manifest destiny and so they expanded out west and took control over the Native Americans. There were four different motives that the United States could’ve used to imperialize: political and military interest and economic interest were mostly with trading. Humanitarian and religious interest, to help those that you have allied with or to spread religion and the rich help those who were “under privileged.” Lastly, social darwinism, the idea that you are superior than someone else. The United States wanted to avoid war and so they set up trading alliance with both China and Japan. Then, the U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia, set up naval bases in Hawaii, and set up coal stations in Samoa. The United States established an alliance with Puerto Rico and assimilate them into American society, although Cuba was just a source of incoming trade. The United States slowly began to understand the idea of imperialism and began to perfect it, going from trading with Japan and China, to setting up naval bases in Hawaii, and to different connections with Puerto Rico, Samoa, and Cuba. The Spanish had control over the Cubans, after numerous rebellions against Spain, the unspeakable horrors from the Spanish were exposed to the public. Cubans were placed into reconcentration camps by the Spanish for either political or military reasons. The conditions in these camps were

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