Clean Well Lighted Nation Quotes

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''Every immigrant has enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life" a quote from John F. Kennedy. This is one of the perfect examples that explains what occurs when immigrants come over from a war-ridden, economically poor country. They immigrate and while settling, improved their own cultures into ours, although can change for them drastically or not at all.

Individuals come to America for many different reasons. Some come for economic prosperity, safety, and freedom. Others for religious freedom, education, and opportunities. When they come, they are presented with something expecting. For example, a ''Clean Well Lighted Place'', someone who came from China and was expected typical American saying and things like the phases he stated in the story. He didn't expect and understand what 'Have a good time' meant when it came to things that typically weren't fun. Like the main character, when arriving in …show more content…

In Vagabond nation, The author came from Tehran, the capital of Iran, a place along with a lot of the Mideast is noticed that citizens, especially the women, have limited to no saying of what happens in the government and to their lifestyles. In the beginning, She felt intimidated by the government building but at the same time, she knew that she was safe. That is a good example of a pull factor that attracts many people to the united states. They don't have to worry about any punishment, which surprises a lot of people who lived in countries that have strict enforcement or was ruled by corruption. The last example would be one of our first arrivals, the Puritans who arrived on the Mayflower who escaped religious persecution and arrived at a new place that was foreign to them. This can speak for a lot of

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