Japanese American Dream Analysis

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Immigration in America is nothing new and it has had an impact on society for many years. People from all over come to America for a fresh start and to get away from any problems. You can’t really blame them for wanting to get away from where ever and wanting to start over. As George Takei talks about his experience as a Japanese-American and his view of the American Dream. Immigrants have many differences while in America. It can differ with everyone on how their experience is. Some of them won’t be treated the same as others. For example in George Takei’s Ted Talk, he tells people that after Japan declared war on America, Japanese-Americans were imprisoned because of their background. “America was suddenly swept up in hysteria. Japanese-American’s, American citizens with Japanese …show more content…

He talks about how he read about after Pearl Harbor, Japanese-Americans were ready to enlist in the army, but at first they were turned down because their background. Then eventually Japanese-Americans were accepted because of a wartime manpower shortage. “They fought with amazing, incredible courage and valor. They were sent on the most dangerous missions and they sustained the highest combat casualty rate of any unit proportionally.” They fought for their country even though that same country had denied them service and locked them up in the first place. So as you have read, immigrants have had an impact on America for a long time. Some have proved that you don’t have to be from America to be an American. “They proved that being an American is not just for some people. They expanded what it means to be an American, including Japanese-Americans who were feared and suspected and hated. They were change agents.” That proves that if you hold on to what you believe, you can accomplish anything. As George Takei talks about his experiences as a Japanese-American and his view of the American

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