Argumentative Essay On Pearl Harbor

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“Mary Tsukamoto once said ‘I knew it would leave a scar that would stay with me forever. At that moment my precious freedom was taken from me’” (Martin 54). The Betrayal. The attack on Pearl Harbor. Freedom being ripped away. Loyalty being questioned. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt questioning the loyalty of the Japanese Americans, people were discriminating them based on their heritage, Japanese Americans being ripped out of homes, forced to stay in an Internment camp, numbers put on their arms, died from poor medical treatment, beaten for allegedly “not cooperating.” Everything began with one thing, the attack on Pearl Harbor. The discrimination happened. People began to spit, curse, and scream at the Japanese Americans for the attack on Pearl Harbor. They spread rumors, told them to go back to where they belong. Americans started thinking the Japanese knew about the attack before it happened (Sandler 24). Everyone blew everything out of proportion. “During the early 1920’s the anti-Japanese crusade grew nastier” (Marrin 63). Americans started saying “Once a Jap, Always a Jap” (Martin 23). The people became prejudice. “The entire Japanese problem has been magnified out of its true proportion largely due to the physical characteristics of the people” (Martin 31). The Japanese didn’t resist being kicked because they felt like if they complied to prove their allegiance (Sandler 45). The Americans betrayed them out of fear. It was fear that drove the

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