Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Essay

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Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor is by far one of America’s most remembered events in history. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese dropped bombs on the American base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This attack is what persuaded President Franklin Roosevelt to join World War 2 and fight on two fronts. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor for many reasons. They attacked because they believed they would create a New World Order, they felt threatened by America and because of the oil embargo. That Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to establish a New World Order that could not be created with America as a powerful country. The New World Order that was in Japan’s vision was a land where the Yamato race was the dominate one. The Japanese were not pleased with always being …show more content…

The Philippines were in-between Japan and their potential oil supply,(DOC B). A possible and smart tactic for Japan would to attack Pearl Harbor and while the fleet is weak, take over the Philippines. Once Japan had acquired the Philippines they would have a base to take over many nations that have large oil amounts. A major factor as to why Pearl Harbor was attacked was that the Americans were cutting Japan off from their oil supply. Japan, as an island nation, had very few natural resources and were very dependant on the American oil. The oil embargo was to be catastrophic for the nation in the future, “Two years from now we will have no petroleum for military use. Ships will stop moving,”(DOC E). As a political revenge act, Japan may have attacked Pearl Harbor to get back at America for the oil embargo. The United States removing all Japanese access to oil and pushed the nation to desperation. They needed oil and the only rational thing to do was attack Pearl Harbor in their eyes. Japan’s desperation was clear because America was already supplying them 80% of their oil (DOC D). With next to none natural resources in Japan the American supply was vital. The oil embargo pushed Japan to the state of needing to attack American soil at Pearl

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