Pearl Harbor Dbq Essay

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Did you know that fuel still leaks from the wreckage of one of the ships that sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor?. The Empire of Japan attacked the United States, specifically the naval base Pearl Harbor located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, on December 7th 1941. They attacked at 7:48 AM with planes damaging eight battleships and sinking four, destroying 188 U.S. airplanes, killing 2,403 Americans, and wounding 1,178. As a result of the attack public opinion of Japanese Americans living in the west coast went down drastically, leading to the Internment of Japanese Americans. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the U.S. role from passively supporting the Allies with supplies, to becoming an active participant in the war on the side of the Allies. Why did Japan attack Pearl harbor? Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because of U.S. Navy expansion, the U.S. embargo on Japan, and Japan’s ambition to create a new world order. …show more content…

Navy. As shown by document C in 1940 Congress passed an act that promised to triple fleet size by 1944 and in document E, stated by Hideki Tojo the Prime minister and War minister of Japan, “When I think about the strengthening of American defences in the Southwest Pacific, the expansion of the American fleet, … I see no end of difficulties”. The evidence in document C shows that the U.S. was going to expand the Navy drastically to triple the size of the fleet, and as shown by document E Japan saw this fleet expansion as a big problem for their future plans, so an attack before the expansion of the expansion of the U.S. fleet can be seen as beneficial for

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