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Identification and evaluation of sources: Between 1930 and 1941, Japan sought to increase their power through imperialism; it caused threat to the United States when Japan started expanding to Manchuria and French Indochina. The United States tried to stop Japan, fearing from the threat that might happen, when America's president Franklin Roosevelt banned Japan from getting natural materials and supplies like Oil, rubber and rice. This action led to Japan to prepare for war. In July 1941, Japanese admiral Yamamoto suggested an attack on Pearl Harbor. The reason they selected Pearl Harbor because of their vision, they saw Pearl Harbor as an easy target like Manchuria, also the United States naval fleet was in Pearl Harbor, which …show more content…

Japan had great victories, until the war had settled because of the assistance that the Chinese had from United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union and they were threatening economic sanctions against Tokyo. Japan needed natural resources because their industrial economy depends on imported materials, especially oil. Cause of Germany’s invasion in Europe, Japan had a great opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources in Southeast Asia. They started by Manchuria, until they found another opportunity to invade French Indochina when France was capitulated in June 1940. However, the United States wanted to stop Japanese expansion by freezing Japan’s assets in the United States. Which led to Japan to look for oil that was outside of United States control. After looking, Japan wanted to invade the Dutch East Indies, because of its rich oil. To respond to the invasion, the United States moved the Pacific Fleet from San Diego to Hawaii. Which left Japan week in front of United States military, but it was not a problem because the U.S and Japan were not in war. However, until Roosevelt warned Japan to stop their expansion or the U.S will make another moves. Japan realized that oil was their war machine and without oil the will come to an end by the end of 1941. During summer 1941, the United States stopped oil exports to japan, which kept Japan in pressure. Japan wanted to attack Pearl Harbor to disable the Pacific Fleet, to avoid the United States from taking any powerful movements in the Pacific for some time so they can secure the oil in the Dutch East Indies. Also, Japan thought the war would be over before United States

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