Pearl Harbor Dbq Essay

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In a time where the United States of America was going through an economic crisis, some countries were invading other defenseless nations. It was the beginning of World War II, with Germany, Italy, and Japan in the Axis alliance and France with Russia and the United Kingdom in the Allies alliance. The United States decided it was best to be isolated from other world affairs and “Put America First!” As a result in December 7, 1941, Japanese planes and submarines bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; a naval harbor set up in the Pacific Coast. This attack caused America’s entrance into the war. But, what exactly cause this long tension affair between Japan and America to be remembered as an American tragedy. As President Roosevelt stated, “a date in which will live infamy.” …show more content…

In The Way of the Subjects, from the Japanese Ministry of Education (August 1, 1941), taught Japanese students that their nation will be the next order and other Asian countries will be ruled under their emperor’s hand (Doc A). “An old order... (European and American)... is now crumbling. Japan is the foundation source of the Yamato race. Manchukuo is its reservoir and East Asia is its paddy field” (Doc A). In Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War, tells us that, “In 1939, the US begins an embargo of aircraft and aircraft parts against Japan” (Doc C). An indication of disapproval in Japan’s actions in invading their neighboring countries; America stopped all military weapon trades to Japan. The government even imposed an embargo on oil shipments to Japan in August 1941, four months before the Pearl Harbor attack (Doc

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