Pearl Harbor Dbq Essay

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Japan attacked the US at 8:00 a.m. on December 7, 1941 because of the embargo, fear of the US Navy expansion, and Japan wanting expansion made the Japanese people afraid of the US and caused them to react. Documents today state facts of why these are the reasons that mainly caused Japan to attack Hawaii. Pearl Harbor was a US Naval Base and was the closest and easiest way to get close to the the states. In the first day that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, more than 2,000 US soldiers and sailors had died and 1,000 were wounded. After the end of the first day President Franklin Roosevelt had talked to Congress and asked to declare war on Japan and 10 Naval Battleships had been sunk. After more than 2 years of conflict the United States decided to join the war. The loss of Pearl Harbor would be a major loss to the US defenses and losing Pearl Harbor could have had a different outcome on life back then and then today. …show more content…

From 1932-1937 the Japanese had occupied Manchuria and attacked China (Doc C). The Japanese had sent over 1 million troops over to China leaving well over 100,000 troops that ended up either dead and wounded. WIth Japan not accepting the fact that they had to withdraw troops from China. Japans Prime Minister, Hideki Tojo, had said “We must get satisfactory results from the retreat out of China. And one way we can expect the expansion of our country is by stationing troops. This the US does not accept.” (doc E). WIth the Embargo system coming into and not accepting the Japanese troops into the US Japan had declared war by bombing Pearl

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