Should The Attack On The United States Become Involved In World War II?

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What surprise attack changed many Americans views on the United States becoming involved in World War II? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor came as a shock to many Americans because they believed that our country was working out a peace negotiation with Japan. The day after the attack, President Franklin Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration of war against Japan (Roosevelt). The United States then entered into World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor had a major influence on American history by ruining U.S. relations with Japan, involving the United States in World War II, and helping the U.S. economy come out of the Great Depression.
Pearl Harbor was Japan 's way of showing the U.S. that they were done trying to make peace. President Roosevelt had been having meetings with Japan 's Minister of War to try to keep the U.S. out of the war (Sibilla). When Japan attacked the U.S. before declaring war, it ended the peace negotiations that everyone had hoped would become an agreement not to fight between the two countries. …show more content…

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the final action that brought the U.S. into WWII. When the U.S. joined the war, they sided with the Allies. The major Allies were the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. The Allies worked together to defeat the The attack changed many Americans opinion on whether or not the U.S. should become involved in the war. Many citizens now wanted to become involved in the war effort to help the Allies win the war. Men volunteered to fight in the war because they wanted to protect their own country. The entrance to the war motivated people to do anything they could to help out. Even people that did not directly fight still had an important part in the

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