Compare And Contrast 9/11 And Pearl Harbor

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was in fact a terrorist attack. The Imperial Japanese Navy against the US Naval base. This later led to the US to World War II. (Hanson, V.wnd) After 2 years of their conflict the US begins world war II. The war was belligerent. This does remind me of the attack on the World Trade Center. It's much like it because it was a surprise. No one knew it was going to happen but they. The outcome was devastating. Thousands of people died during these tragedies. (Attack on Pearl Harbor.Wikipedia) We didn't ask for any of these to happen. Al Qaeda is a terrorist group, which also known as the Taliban. They are responsible for the 9/11 attacks. However Japan was responsible for attack on Pearl Harbor. 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor are similar because they were both terrorist attacks. They were both surprise attacks. Both of these attacks were unprovoked. Besides all of these similarities they also have differences. For instance the attack on Pearl Harbor as against military targets. On the other hand 9/11 was against civilian targets. (Kleinsasser, J.Wichita). 2,996 people were killed …show more content…

The war was belligerent. Demographic problems could have been happening with the terrorist. The United States once put Economic Sanctions and Trade Embargoes on Japan. Some demographic problems they had been their economic status. Saudi Arabia's income level dropped from about $23,820 in 1980, too $2,563 in 2001 (Cordsman, Also In 1932, Japan was able to finance $550,000,000. They also financed $320,000,000 in 1938. This was three years before the US came into World War II. This was their economic status 3 years before the US and Japan themselves came into World War II (Empire of Japan.Wikipedia). The United States had to create a high standard security. That was one big economic problem, that affected everyone in the US. This is caused the gas prices too go

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