Compare And Contrast Pearl Harbor And 9/11

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Pearl Harbor Versus September Eleventh On December 12th, 1941, a Japanese task force bombed Pearl Harbor, an American naval base stationed in Hawaii. On September 11th, 2001, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by Al Qaedian suicide planes. Both attacks greatly devastated America and created prejudice attitudes and actions towards a certain race. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American government arrested as many Japanese-Americans as it was capable of. In the case of 9/11, most American citizens considered all muslims as “terrorists”, making room for stereotyping and racism that lasts even still today. People of the two different time periods were angered by the horrific attacks against the U.S., that both claimed a huge amount of innocent lives. Both the Japanese and Al Qaeda pre-planned …show more content…

To start off, during 9/11, America was attacked by a terrorist group: whereas in Pearl Harbor, America was attacked by Japan. Japan attacked a small naval base in Hawaii that had lower death toll than Al Qaeda’s attack, which attacked New York and D.C. two major cities, claiming over 2,900 American lives. Pearl Harbor was purely an attack on America’s military force. On contrast, 9/11 was mostly an attack on civilians and not war trained troops.The victims of 9/11 were defenseless and did not have access to weapons; unlike Pearl Harbor, where those attacked were capable of fighting back. One major contrast between the two encounters is the fact that one was shown on tv, and the other, Pearl Harbor, was broadcasted over the radio. While people weren't able to see the events unfold during pearl Harbor, citizens during 9/11 witnessed the second plane strike the only other standing tower. This one small detail made the world’s difference in impact. The fact that people witnessed such an event happen live makes the said event stick even longer with

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