The Crucible And 9/11 Essay

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The 9/11 tragedy was a moment where people had their guard up at all times. This was a time where life had strike to reality of time warfare with every person and country. Couldn’t trust no one that came to the U.S. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, were brave because the generations before us had to face what had happened and to what is going to happen. This had left the buildings torn instantly killing hundreds of many people, getting them stuck in the higher floors. This attack was the worst in America ever since the Pearl Harbor All over our nation saw a major impact of devastation in the face of the September 9, 2001attacks. This had made many people afraid and paranoid for maybe their own lives or just scared …show more content…

In example in The Salem Witch Trials, Proctor, Elizabeth and Abigail had some conflicts going on in their personal life’s at home, in 9/11 tension was similar to personal conflicts and differences between the U.S and Islam’s Al-Qaeda which was led by Osama Bin Laden. In both of these major events there were attacks which had led to so much conflicts of tension. The girls of the Salem Witch Trials had gotten accused of dancing in the forest and sing songs which it was not prohibited. For the 9/11 event, Muslim terrorist had flew planes through the World Trade Center in New York and all of this had led to mass hysteria. In conclusion the 9/11 tragedy led to people being afraid for what was coming for the U.S and for their own children’s lives as well. These events had scared people for life practically because it had happened in front of them, seen family members die in front of them and just having to deal with for the rest of their lives; it is sad. There are more problems that are ready to be happening like the new president of America, Trump that’s going to be the talk of the hysteria that were going to have to face in the near

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