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The attacks of September 11, 2001 on our country was one of the most tragic and deadly days in our history. It brought a country together and the American strength of freedom and unity became a battle cry. After the dust had cleared, the questions came about that asked, how could this have happened? Were there not security and intelligence infrastructures and policies in place? Where did these failures occur? Will our country be vulnerable going forward? The events of 9/11 brought a large amount of vulnerabilities to the surface of our country’s security. The shock and disbelief of 9/11 revealed that America felt that something like this could not possibly happen to us. It showed that the security of our country had been compromised …show more content…

It is the foundation of how security policies and strategies are created and updated. With changes of tactics from terrorists and extremists comes change to how we defend against them. This is able to happen because of intel gathered by our experts. Intelligence is expected to be accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and error free. It is expected to ensure all the goals of our nation’s security are met and exceeded. Policy makers and law enforcement will always expect to receive the very best intelligence information available at a moment’s notice. This is very important for the right decisions to be made by the right people. As we know, all intelligence isn’t reliable, but it is expected to be so. So what happened to all the intelligence that was being gather prior to 9/11? Where was the disconnect that led to such a historic tragedy? The blame for the intelligence failure of 9/11 can go in any direction. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI), the Department of Transportation (DOT)/ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the National Security Agency (NSA) all had issues in their protocols and policies. The Government, as a whole, failed to connect the dots on all intelligence and evidence that was available. Many of the national agencies and departments’ errors ultimately led to astronomical

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