A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On 9/11

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay President G.W. Bush, in his 9/11 address, comforts the American people after the terrorist attacks. His main purpose was to console the people of America, but he also wanted to bring fear into the terrorists eyes. His audience was not only the U.S. citizens, but also the world including the perpetrators. Bush used ethos and pathos very heavily throughout his speech. He did not need much logos and his not using it did not weaken his message. In the beggining, Bush recalled what happened earlier that day. He told the American people what had been done and what will be done to bring forth revenge. He was very sympathetic and tried to provide solace to his fellow countrymen. Next, he began to reveal what he as our president was going to do for us and the people who lost their loved ones. He includes that this was something that America would have to get through as a united country. Lastly, Bush asked for prayers for the who were grieving the loss of friends and family. He said that the people who were responsible for the “cowardly” acts would be punished. To conclude, he quoted a…show more content…
However, his lack of logos didn’t detract from his speech. If more logos would have been in his speech, it would have drifted away from the main focus. The people of America did not need to hear what they already knew. They needed to have the sense of security and know that Bush was going to take control of the situation. “America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.”is logical that America was attacked since it is known for its opportunities and freedom which makes it a target for terrorism. The 9/11 tragedy was a scary awakening for America and the world. President Bush used the emotions of the country to communicate his platform and brought the country together. His speech helped the American people and Congress respect his
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