How 9/11 Changed America Essay

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In the history of America, the history of the world, never had such unexpected terror descended from the skies. In one hour, the peace and relative quite of 9:45 AM in New York City, was disrupted by a plane circling overhead. Curiosity turned to aghast and shock as the plane started diving toward one of the twin towers. It crashed into an upper story of the building, spewing fire and showering those below with debris. This was only one of 4 hijacked planes, heading toward other United States landmarks. America was thrown into terror and chaos, the likes of which had never been experienced before. No one knew if additional attacks would follow. The terrorist attacks on September eleven, 2001, forever changed American’s perspective of modern warfare and homeland security. The first responders who arrived at the devastating sight were the heroes of nine-eleven By ten thirty a.m. both of the towers had collapsed, and although thousands of people had evacuated from the lower stories, hundreds more were wounded, and some trapped under debris. Hundreds of firefighters flocked to …show more content…

It is a commonly known fact that “Uncertainty heightens fear.” The fear of the unknown, where or when or how the terrorists would strike next did permanent damage to the heart of america. Each attack was specifically planned to target symbols of American security and pride. In this way, the terrorists figured, they could force American into a mentality of constant fear, crippling their actions and influencing their decisions. Although a shadow of fear lingered over the United States for many years after the attacks, the sturdy american people fought their way back to a feeling of security and peace. Even though terrorist attacks were a constant possibility, Americans strived to live free of the crippling weight of

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