9/11 Impact

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The Impact of 9/11 On September 11th of 2001, the United States was attacked by terrorists. On this day the world was truly shaken. Today, the United States still fights against terrorist groups like Isis and Al Qaeda. The attack of the twin towers and the pentagon changed the United States. The U.S. now has stricter flight security and a new security agency called the Transportation Security Administration known as T.S.A. Also, on this day the United States economy changed drastically. September eleventh changed the government in the United States like making new agencies. The United States went to war and created new laws. The United States encountered many warnings prior to 9/11 to warn them of the attacks. The terrorist attacks of September…show more content…
Homeland Security had many warnings prior to 9/11 that Al Qaeda was planning an attack on the United States. “President Bush himself admitted that he ‘didn‘t feel the sense of urgency’ about terrorism before 9/11, despite repeated warnings that Al Qaeda could be planning to hijack airplanes and use them as missiles,”(Perrow, 3). If they had taken those warnings into consideration 9/11 may have been prevented and many people would still have their loved ones. Before Homeland Security there were 21 other departments under Homeland Security. The United States had many options and one of them worked out great. “The option pursued – reorganizing twenty-two separate agencies under a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reporting to Congress,” (Perrow, 1). So far this agency has been great and the United States has not been attacked since September, eleventh. Homeland Security has made the United States a much safer…show more content…
The United States lost 343 firefighters and this was a huge impact on many families and engine companies. “On Sept. 11, at the World Trade Center, it suffered the loss of 343 firefighters,” (Frazier, 1). Many fire departments lost many crew members and brothers. This affected many families. This also affected the economy too. They lost billions of dollars not only in firefighters but in apparatus and equipment too. With all the deaths added they lost thousands of hours of training, whose deaths represented 4,400 years of cumulative training, nerve and wisdom,” (Frazier, 1). All of the training they lost from deaths, they had to make it up in new firefighters. This hurt many fire departments

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